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The app I want to show you in this video is called Ripl app. And here’s the website, make eye-catching videos for social media, the videos that you can use on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and all of its social media channels. Look at this. So it’s a really simple app that you can use to create amazing animations. Just like these, how cool. And the way it works is it’s actually Three Steps step number.

You add different images. Step. Number two, you choose a design and then you write a caption. Now. One thing I want to point out is this app is actually on freemium model, which means you can use it for free, but they will have the logo. And if you want to remove the logo, you’ll have to pay. I believe it’s nine dollars per month. So that’s not a lot. But I would always suggest to play with this. Create some Videos use these on your marketing channels and see how you like it. And actually I’ve never upgraded by N. I use this tool or the sap or consistent basis. So now, let’s do a quick demo. So here is my phone. And I’m gonna go find the Ripl app right there.

And I’m already signed in. Let’s look at there. So you can try report Pro for seven days for free. And if you like it, you can upgrade. I always like to just use the free version of the app, but it’s good enough and the logo is really small on the side. It doesn’t really bother me at all. Now. Let’s go create a simple video. So in Step number one, you know, I hit the plus button.

The bottom and first, what’s the text overlay? What do you want to put on the image on the video? The text that you want to animate. So, in this case, I want to, for one of my clients. They own a location called Colette. It’s a, they have different events. They’re kind of like a bar in a club, and I want to kind of make a video for them and ask people if they bought the tickets for this weekend. So I’m just going to say, are you coming this weekend?

That’s the text. I want to put on the image. Now, click on that, add photos. And now I’m going to select this picture. So this is actually the owners of that location. So once you’re done with the text and the photo, click on that right arrow button on the top right there, and then here’s some instruction double. Tap to update photos and text got it. And I’ll look at this. How cool is that? So, on top there, different designs?

Look at that. That’s an interesting design. Since the image is selected, it already has text on the back. So I’m probably gonna go with this one right here. And then if you look at the bottom, you’ll see their options for. Different fonts. Colors. Let’s go back and also the image filter. And then the last option is there. A different music that you can use the audio tracks?

Let’s go with infinity done. That’s it. This app is that you really really simple? It’s not that this one too. You are like this one, too. Let’s change the font to this. There you go. How cool is that? What if we did this?
Really, really simple. And then this one too. So you see, you can kind of play with different.

Designs. Now, one thing I want to point on the top, if you click on more designs, so there are a lot of designs that you can. Some of these are going to be Pro which means you have to upgrade to get the access. But a lot of these are free and I love using these apps that are freemium because you can get a lot out of them on their free plan. Really, really cool. Now, let’s go. I want to make sure I have an audio track.

So once you happy with everything, click on the top arrow and now it’s gonna create the animated video for you and see at the bottom right hand side. There’s a small logo called Ripl some people who will make this and then use a cropping tool to crop that out. That’s totally up to you. But now we’re ready to add caption and then post it. So in this case, I’m just going to say See you guys this weekend.

Did you buy your tickets yet? Right, and then at the bottom sheer to the good thing about this app is you can post directly to your social media account. So I have all the the Facebook pages that I Admin off right here. So hit done, and then I’m going to just hit share. And that’s it. So upload complete and let’s hit done. So it was really, really simple.

Here’s the video that we created so you can use this app called Ripl to create a mazing and really really simple animated videos. Look at that for your business. And then share these directly on your social media accounts like Facebook Twitter and other marketing channel. So I would say pause this video and go play with crippled, create a couple of short animated videos for your personal or Business social media channels.

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